Public Records Disclosure

It is RiverCom's intent to ensure the public with full and appropriate access to public records according to applicable laws.  Under Washington State's Public Records Act, RiverCom will maintain, disclose, and release certain records to the public. RiverCom must also balance public transparency with a responsibility to protect records from damage, disorganization, breaches of security, misuse and prevent excessive interference with the essential functions of the agency. The public disclosure of RiverCom's records is governed primarily by the Public Records Act (PRA), and various other federal and state laws as may be applicable.


How to Request Public Records

Any person wanting to request copies of public records from RiverCom 911 can do so by clicking the link below:





How RiverCom Responds to a Request for Public Records

RiverCom will acknowledge a request for public records within five (5) business days of receiving the request, by one of the following:

  • Provide the record

  • Acknowledge the receipt of the request and provide a reasonable estimate of time to respond to and/or complete the request
  • Request clarification of the record request

  • Deny the request and provide a written statement of the specific reasons for denying the request


Other Facts You Should Know:​

  • 911 recordings are generally retained for a period of ninety (90) days.
  • Requested records are not produced immediately upon demand.

  • RiverCom will respond to inquiries and requests during its regular business hours.

  • Parts of the requested record may be withheld or redacted to comply with applicable state and federal laws. 

  • RiverCom may forward the request and/or the records being requested to another agency for review, especially when the records include law enforcement incidents.

  • RiverCom does not warrant the completeness of records or accuracy of information produced through a request for public records.

  • Requests for Public Records received by RiverCom are public records and are subject to disclosure.


PRA Laws, Policy and Other Resources:

Washington's Public Records Act: RCW 42.56

Public Records Act - Model Rules

Interlocal Cooperation Agreement RE: RiverCom Data Hosting

RiverCom Administrative Policy: Public Records Disclosure

Resolution 2018-1: A Resolution to Opt-Out of the Indexing Requirement for Public Records

List of Exemptions




Public Records Officer: Kayla Hodges

P.O. Box 3344

Wenatchee, WA 98807


[email protected]

Links to Law Enforcement Agencies:

If you are seeking records related to a law enforcement incident in Chelan or Douglas County, you may need to contact the records department of the following agencies:


Chelan County Sheriff's Office - Records Division

Douglas County Sheriff's Office - Records Division

Wenatchee Police Department - Records Division

East Wenatchee Police Department - Records Division